Blog Post: Triumph Coffee

Mobile Branding Design

Here is a quick post from something I did quickly based on me just playing with concepts for a different project.

Let me know what you think!

Case Study: Sense Media

Multimedia Branding Project.

I have tasked myself with approching an old logo design and updating it. I had liked my concept and decided to elaborate it and see it with new eyes. Pictured in this post you will see the old logo, an intermediary logo and the new one, with accompanying branding for the newly updated look.

Case Study: FitSummit

Web & UI Design

Pictured here is the photo process of FitSummit. There is logo development which then leads to full website layout and mobile applicantion user interface.

Pictured in the sketch book is initial logo conception. I did have an idea in my head and tried to get it on to paper. I did settle on a final near the bottom.